Functionality, Quality & Design

If the best things in life are free, Webber comes a close second. How much do you value good design, quality and durability? What about added assurance and total peace of mind?

When it comes to creating our appliances, our team of product designers, professional chefs, culinary aficionados and engineers are committed to developing products that suit your lifestyle & habits; products that add comfort and convenience to your daily lives. Products which do not compromise on functionality, designs and safety.

How is this made possible? For Webber, that means a lifestyle and culinary collection that is curated from the best design, materials, craftsmanship and finishing; backed by stringent quality checks from inception to the final delivery to our customers’ home.



1. Telescopic racks on ovens make it easier to check on cooking progress and added safety. 2. Space saving but high suction power hoods and wok burners for heavy Asian cooking 3. Fridges designed for Asian climate & storage needs 4. Multi-tasking appliances for fast and easy weekday meals. 5. Easy to clean induction hobs and self cleaning ovens reduces time spent on chores and reduces needs for harsh cleaning chemicals.

Doing our part for the environment

The need for energy and resources conservation has never been more important in this century. Webber believes that every appliance we offer should create the least environmental impact; not only from the production stage but begins right from the design stage. Webber appliances are not only made with the toughest, best quality materials for durability but also equipped with energy savings features.