Webber’s commitment to Sustainability

The need for energy and resources conservation and environmental protection has never been more important in this century.

This is why Webber believes that every appliance we offer should create the least environmental impact.

From the drawing boards in Germany, to production in our factories, right up to the delivery of Webber appliance at your doorstep, every effort is made to ensure the least carbon footprint is generated.

Webber’s range of appliances are equipped with energy savings features and easy to clean cooking surfaces that reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

By building durable appliances that are equipped with energy saving features, Webber aims to create less consumer disposable waste and to conserve nature’s valuable resources.


1. Webber hoods are INTETEK certified for efficiency and equipped with energy saving LEDs & carbon filters & ionisers to refresh the air 2. Durable high quality products that withstand daily use reduce the needs for landfills 3. Features such as pyrolytic self cleaning on ovens reduces the need for harsh household chemicals 4. Sustainability starts from the design stage of all Webber appliances. 5. All Webber ovens are rated Class A in the European Union Energy Labelling Scheme 6. Webber cooling appliances are tropicalised for Asian climate for efficient energy usage 7. Webber induction hobs saves up to 45% more energy compared to conventional hobs.