70cm Retro Fridge Freezer (Bottom Mount Freezer)

Retro Fridge

Made in Italy and crafted with the finest quality materials, these fridges are ergronmically designed and equipped with intelligent cooling features.

Webber Retro Fridges are equipped with wire racks to hold wine bottles and generous storage space  for fresh fruits and vegetables. Ultra fast and stable cooling and freezing temperatures keep your ingredients fresh at all times.

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Key Features



With the new European Energy Label for refrigerators and freezers, more useful information such as the appliance’s consumption, liter value and noise level are indicated on the appliance, making it easier for consumers to compare between different products.

All of Webber Retro Refrigerators are rated Class A++ for Energy Efficiency, which means each fridge needs 40% less energy than a similar dimension appliance with a Class A rating.



Unlike traditional no-frost refrigerators, Webber Retro Refrigerators are equipped with a new TOTAL NO-FROST SYSTEM, which guarantees a controlled humidity environment, thus ensuring freshness in your food!

With the NO-FROST SYSTEM, air is evenly distributed inside the refrigerator cavity, keeping each shelf at its optimal temperature. The same technology also prevents ice from forming on the internal sides of the refrigerator, thus eliminating the need for manual defrosting in the freezer.



Silver itself is a natural anti-bacterial element. Although harmless to human beings, it is very efficient against bacteria and molds.

All panels and door gaskets of Webber Retro Refrigerators are treated with a special anti-bacterial solution with Silver Ions, to prevent bacteria growth and ensuring that your food is always kept in a clean and hygienic environment.


  • Fridge Freezer (Bottom Mount Freezer)
  • Energy Class: A++
  • Climate Class: T
  • Multi Level NO FROST
  • Gross Volume: 415L
  • Net Volume of Fridge: 285L
  • Net Volume of Freezer: 97L
  • Freezing Powers: 4 Stars
  • Super Freeze
  • Auto Defrost: Fridge and Freezer
  • Crystal Shelves with Chrome Trimmings
  • Anti-Bacterial Inner Linings
  • LED Illumination


  • Easy Clean Anti-Bacterial Inner Linings

Included Accessories

  • Ice Box

Actual Dimensions

  • W700 x D710 x H1887mm

Technical Specifications

  • Energy Consumption per year: 325kWh
  • Delivered with 13amps plug
  • 220-240V/50-60Hz


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